Art is a matter of skill.

As Karl Valentin always used to say, art is beautiful, but hard work, too. And transporting art is no exception, either, requiring a professional team of experts specialised in this field. Drawing on our expertise and experience, we provide a dedicated service for this specialist logistics area. Our wide range of logistics solutions for auction houses, galleries, art dealers and collectors includes professional storage solutions, specialised packaging, shipping, accurate vehicle positioning, and customs clearance. We offer direct shipping within Germany and the rest of Europe, either over ground or as sea freight. Unique works of art demand unique services.

Our art shipping services:

  • Direct transport to any address in Germany or Europe
  • Logistics management and planning for the art industry
  • National and European consolidated truck consignments
  • Trade fairs and exhibitions
  • Tracking services and vehicle positioning
  • Specialised packaging services for art and antiques
  • Transport insurance
  • Air freight transport
  • Sea freight transport
  • Customs clearance

Do you have a query about transporting art? We would be happy to offer help and advice.


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