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What is an export declaration?
When shipping goods to so-called third countries (outside the European Union), an export declaration is required for goods with a value of € 1000.00 or more. There is no value limit for goods subject to authorization and for shipments to certain embargoed countries (e.g. Iran). The export declaration is primarily used by customs for export control and by the Federal Statistical Office for export registration.

How is the export declaration issued?
Since July 1, 2009, export declarations must be transmitted electronically to the customs office responsible for the exporter. Via our ATLAS connection to the German customs offices, we can offer you this service nationwide.

Why about M2AUSFUHR?
Using our own online tool, M2Ausfuhr, you simply and quickly send us all the necessary documents and information. We take care of an immediate registration in Atlas and send you the export accompanying document (ABD) after customs clearance as well as the export note after successful export. Our competent team ensures a smooth process in very high quality at favorable conditions. This saves significantly high investments in training and IT. Let us surprise you with how easy it is.

How does the commissioning process work?
After you have registered with M2Ausfuhr and we have received the signed customs authorization, you are ready to go.

  1. You send us all the necessary data and documents easily and quickly using M2Ausfuhr.
  2. We immediately enter the process into the Atlas system.
  3. Your competent customs office checks the declaration and releases the shipment within the deadline (In case of goods delivery customs office immediately, for goods delivery customer address usually next day.)
  4. We will send you the export accompanying document (ABD).
  5. After proper export, you will receive the export note as an export certificate for VAT purposes.

The barcode on my export accompanying document (ABD) is not printed. What do I have to do?
In order to print the unique registration number (MRN - Movement Reference Number) of the export declaration in the form of a barcode on the ABD in machine-readable form, please save the necessary font file (code_128.ttf) in the corresponding "Fonts" directory on your computer. The "Fonts" directory can be found - depending on your operating system - in the Control Panel under "Appearance and Customization" or "Fonts". The font file is available for download here. After installation, the barcode should automatically appear on the printout of the export accompanying document (ABD).

What are the conditions?
Our favorable pricing can be found in the download section.

Can we order other customs documents through you?
We are also happy to handle other customs documents depending on the customs office. For example EUR1, ATR, T2L, T2LF, INF3, Carnet ATA. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can you also advise me by phone?
Of course, at +49.8121.2230.0 you can reach our team from Monday to Friday between 8.00-12.00 and 13-17.00. Or send us an e-mail at