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17.08.15 M2 Logistik at the Munich Show - Mineral Days (30.10–01.11.15)

M2 Logistik is back at the Munich Show – ‘Mineralientage’ again this year, offering a wide range of packaging and transport services. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information at +49 8121 2230 00 


26.09.14 M2 Logistik supports the fight against Ebola
The non-profit charity GLOBOLAB eV, is responsible for the organisation and construction of microbiological laboratories in Africa. As part of the fight against Ebola, a shipment of medical equipment was sent to Sierra Leone. As well as making sure that the transport process ran smoothly, M2 Logistik also donated the costs of freight and logistics.



22.08.14 Investment in high-efficiency LED lighting
In July 2014, M2 Logistik switched the lighting in the storage areas from mercury vapour to modern LED high bay lamps. The company also introduced a smart motion- and light-activated sensor system for the corridors. This initiative resulted in approx. 75% energy savings, as well as noticeable improvements in the level of lighting. This is another example of innovation providing cost-saving, ecological solutions.


02.05.14 Preparation of export declarations on ATLAS
Separately from their transport solutions, M2 Logistik offers a fast, simple service for processing your export documentation. Our professional team is at your disposal to provide information about customs formalities.


10.12.13 Entry certificate
Since 1st October this year, new regulations for VAT declarations have come into force, whereby the non-objection rules for the old documents end on 31.12.13. The entry certificate is a document that, in connection with the copy of the invoice, proves that a consignment has left Germany and thus the consignor is exempt from VAT. Alternatively, we can provide you with the freight forwarder certificate (§17a Abs. 3 S.1 No. 1b UStDV) as proof. This is permissible on dispatch by the supplier or customer and contains all necessary contents.